20TH & 21ST NOVEMBER 2021

Wales Comic Con are BACK and once again 237 Signings are honoured to be the OFFICIAL Pre-Order and Send-In Service for Wales Comic Con, the amazing Wrexham based show having a holiday in Telford.

The show, taking place on the weekend of 20 & 21st november 2021, follows on the heels of 2019'a record-breaking shows and has a world class guest list encompassing Film, TV, Music, Games, Sport, Comics and more. the team working hard to remount the event to bring some joy after the long months of the worldwide pandemic

Here at 237 Signings we are more than happy to add the signatures of the guests to either table photos (10x8 sized), your own choice of image that we can print for you* or on your own items**. We will have our own dedicated space at the event and the signings will be conducted away from the show floor so as to ensure maximum results for the signatures on your orders.

Due to our special arrangement with the event we are also able to offer this service at an incredibly low 5.00 per signature on top of the guest price. This is less than half of what other, unofficial, agents are charging.

We have over 20 years experience in the field of event signature work and are pleased to have partnered with Wales Comic Con to once again be able to offer this service to you.

All items must be received and paid for by 10th November 2021

Full details of the current guest list can be found at www.walescomiccon.com

*there will be a separate charge for printing your own images

** please note that we are unable to accept firearms or live blades.