Tom Baker (The Fouth Doctor) - 27/03/18

As Tom was unable to make our Vworp event but still had a desire to be involved we arranged a limited signing and send-in opportunity with a true legend of the entertainment world.

Tom didn't disappoint and we had hours of fun, chat, stories and discourse as he added his beautiful signature to some great images and premium items for clients and for sale in our store at Vworp and here on the site.

It was an absolute pleasure to conduct this signing and to experience Tom in full flow in an intimate environment.

If you would like to add one of the items to your collection please hit the button below and this will take you straight to our store.

All items from this signing come with photo proof on the 237 COA.


Lalla Ward (Romana) - 06/08/18

Again, Lalla was unable to attend the Vworp event but really wanted to be involved in some way.  Therefore, a last minute private signing was arranged with her to add her signature to Will Brook's masterful 'Shada' print for the Doctor Who : Reanimated panel at Vworp.


We were able to discuss many things with Lalla and we will have some exciting news in respect of a couple of them very shortly.


In addition to the Vworp Panel Print Lalla added her signature to some other great items that will be uploaded to the store after this weekend if there is any stock left after the Vworp event.


Danny Trejo (Machete) - 21/10/18

Whilst appearing at the 'For The Love of Horror' show in Manchester a private signing was arranged for Danny to sign 200 Machetes. Sadly, the people who were going to assist Monopoly Signings were unable to make the event and so a phone call was made to 237 Signings to facilitate. Naturally, we were only to pleased to help.

There followed a great time with Danny chatting about all of his roles on TV and Film whilst the blades kept moving. One of the most laid back celebrities we have ever met, only too happy to provide personalisations and quotes on the blades.

A true legend. Great visibility for 237 Signings and great to know that 237 Signings can be trusted to make things happen in difficult circumstances.


Wales Comic Con - 01/12/18 & 02/12/18

Once again 237 Signings were invited to be the official send-in and pre-order service for

this truly fantastic show. Over the course of the weekend we added signatures to various items big, small and inbetween and had a blast doing it. We were able to set up our space away from the show floor to allow the guests to give their best signatures on your items.

We'll be back at the show in April. Make sure that you check the page and place your pre-orders to join the ranks of our many happy customers and ensure that your items get the treatment they deserve.

Can you spot your items below?


Superman The Movie with Jeff East - 26/01/19

In association with Manchester Classic Films we held a screening of 1978's Superman The Movie and brought along Teenage Clark Kent, Jeff East, to meet the fans, take photos and sign autographs. Afterwards we held a Q&A so that fans could ask some amazing questions all of which we answered candidly by Jeff.

It was a fun night and one that we hope to repeat again a couple more times this year.